About Skooba Asia

Sharing A Passion For Perfect Dives

More Than Just Dives

How does a luxurious comfortable bed by the sea sound to you? Fancy a relaxing massage after a long day diving? Or perhaps FREE-Flowing Food & drinks on a private yacht cruise? You can have all that and more in a private and exclusive setting. All Private & All Exclusive

Safety Insured

Medical Care is a necessity when you are exploring the world. Don't worry, you can dive in ease, knowing that we have got you covered with the best medical care in the best facility within the region. ALL included, not an extra penny.

Dive Gears

So, you don't have your own gear; perhaps you want to travel light. You reach the dive centre and find the rented gear 'out of whack'; torn, leaky & just plain smelly. We Promise You NEVER again! BCD, Fins & Mask will be provided; Crisp & Clean. If you have it, bring it over and we will make sure it's cleaned and dried when you head back home.

Your Guide - Your Dive Buddy

From the moment you arrive at the airport, Your Guide Buddy would be on hand to assist & solve any issues that may arise, so you ONLY focus on having a jolly good time. they have intimate knowledge of the island & the locals; so make use of it.

Money Back Guarantee

Talk about Sensible Payment method with NO Hidden Fees; through our secured payment gateway. Remember, Money back if you don't experience the BEST with Skooba!

Make New Connections!

You will be diving together with other passionate individuals just like yourself! Guarantees to be an exciting underwater adventure. Hey, it doesn't hurt to have more Instagram followers ūüôā

Best Dive Locations

Book a dive trip to ANY part of Asia in just a few clicks; with our familiarity to local destinations let us make the arrangements for you. We test, verify and experience the good and the bad; So you can experience the best. Saving you your valuable time on the Unverified & Unreliable Google searches.

Finest Customer Care

You arrive early and don't know where to go? Maybe your missus is a little fearful of the sea? You have got an itch? Then we have got the cure. Anything at all, we will get you sorted. AND Yes, we do have a hypnotherapist to wipe the fear from your missus. Not forgetting, money back if you don't experience the best with Skooba!


The story behind Skooba and our dive passion