What’s Scary About Diving?
Scuba diving is a wonderful experience you should do at least once in your lifetime. The sea will be your home for 45 minutes to an hour on average while diving. You get to see the beautiful scenery of the underwater landscape and get to swim with the marine life. How’s that for an experience?

However, the fear of so many things might hinder you from ever getting to experience the wonderful adventure of scuba diving. Some of these fears include:
• Fear of marine animals
• Putting your head under water
• Feeling claustrophobic
• Breathing underwater
• Fear of drowning

Well, one thing you should know is that your phobia for diving is completely normal and natural; even some of the most experienced scuba divers we have at Skooba had those same fears at some point in their lives. But today, most of them have up to 300 hundred dives under their belts. Isn’t that amazing? So, if some of our very best divers could overcome these fears, you definitely can too. 

Scuba diving is truly a great adventure and if you decide to give it a try, you’re nothing short of an adventurer – an underwater explorer! However, if you still feel insecure and nervous about scuba diving, there’s no reason to worry.

You Can Overcome Your Fears

Breaking free from your phobia for scuba diving might seem like an impossibility, but you can actually do it (and it’s not as hard as you think). Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Breathe Slow And Steady
  • Navigating through water can be one hell of a task for you, especially if you are trying to be fast. So you should try not to rush anything when under water, including how you breathe.
  • Try to focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale very slowly. This might seem so unnatural at first but immediately you get comfortable with your breathing, you’ll feel more relaxed.

2. Practice With Calmer Waters First

  • Don’t try to overcome your fear of diving by just deciding one day to go take a plunge into the blue depths! It seems like a brave thing to do but it’s not really a smart idea. First, you should try practicing in a swimming pool, where you’re comfortable diving in. Doing this will give you an idea of what scuba diving feels like and get you prepared for the real deal.

3. Don’t Go Scuba Diving Alone

  • It is really important to go scuba diving with a partner because you’ll need each other under water. When in danger, both of you can signal each and also cooperate to make movement underwater easier.

4. Get Enough Rest

  • Scuba diving is a sport, a very exhilarating and tiring one at that. It’s even more challenging because you’re in an environment that is not natural to you and need to focus mentally. So, it is really essential to get a good rest before scuba diving. Just get many hours of sleep so you can stay in shape both mentally and physically.

5. Don’t Panic – Sharks Are Not Really Interested In You

  • One major scuba diving fears people have is the interaction with marine animals. But you don’t need to worry as these animals are not really interested in scuba divers. Shark-related incidents are not as common as movies make us believe. More people get killed every year by dogs, snakes, horses, and hippos. When underwater, just try not to touch anything and you’ll be fine.

6. Find The Right Scuba Phobia Specialist

  • This is the most important tip amongst all. Trying to get rid of your phobia for diving all by yourself is a good thing, but finding the right phobia specialist will accelerate the process and make it easier for you. This is where Skooba Asia comes in!

7. Let’s Help You Overcome Your Fears

  • At Skooba Asia Adventures, we have a resident phobia specialist. Our phobia specialist is familiar with the fears you’re having and has helped so many people to deal with their scuba phobia. With the wealth of experience of our specialist, there is a guarantee you’ll get all the confidence you need very quickly to get going. Our specialist uses the latest therapeutic tools and techniques to safely and quickly remove your fear of diving. Our phobia specialist will turn your fear into excitement (as they are both sides of the same coin). In addition, diving with Skooba Asia, you will have 24 hour guest support!

Make That Call Today!

Scuba diving is a unique and fulfilling experience that allows you to feel an unmatched sense of excitement as you slowly explore life underwater. It would be a unfortunate to let your scuba phobia get in the way of that! There are so many testimonials from individuals around the world on how their phobia for scuba diving was turned into passion after going through the therapy of our phobia specialist. Your own testimony can be the next!
Call/Email Skooba Asia for our phobia specialist today and we guarantee that your phobia for scuba diving will be a thing of the past.